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👋 Welcome to the Tabaluga, where laughter and creativity soar! We're thrilled to have you join our meme-tastic community, and we hope you're ready for a roaring good time! 🐉🚀. With Tabaluga by our side, we're bound to experience fantastic adventures filled with humor and wit. So buckle up and prepare for a wild ride through the world of memes!

Official Tabaluga contract address:

Introducing Tabaluga Meme Coin

In the exciting realm of meme coins, where laughter and creativity collide, a sensational new token takes the stage: Tabaluga Meme Coin. Bursting with humor and whimsy, this coin is set to captivate the crypto community with its uproarious memes and lighthearted charm.

The launch of Tabaluga Meme Coin heralds a new era of comedic creativity within the cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to bring smiles to the faces of crypto enthusiasts and internet denizens worldwide, forging connections through shared laughter and meme culture.

Tabaluga Meme Coin's innovative approach to humor-driven cryptocurrency has garnered significant attention, drawing in investors and meme aficionados alike. Its unique value proposition lies in the joy and entertainment it provides, offering a break from the serious nature of traditional investments.

Embrace the whimsical world of Tabaluga Meme Coin, where memes reign supreme and laughter knows no bounds. Join the community, let loose your creativity, and ride the wave of hilarity as this meme coin takes the crypto world by storm, one chuckle at a time.

Tax Shares

Within the Tabaluga ecosystem, a tax is imposed on each transaction to support the growth and stability of the token. A portion of this tax, specifically 5%, is allocated towards marketing initiatives, while an additional 1% is directed back to the liquidity pool.

5% Marketing: With a strong emphasis on expansion and outreach, the Tabaluga team recognizes the importance of effective marketing strategies. The dedicated marketing team will utilize innovative and creative approaches to generate widespread awareness and adoption of the token. Through targeted campaigns, partnerships, and community engagement, the marketing efforts aim to attract new investors, foster trust, and solidify Tabaluga's position within the market.

1% Back Into Liquidity: Ensuring a healthy liquidity pool is crucial for the longevity and reliability of Tabaluga. By allocating 1% of each transaction back to the liquidity pool, the token's stability is fortified. This mechanism acts as a protective measure against sudden price fluctuations and enhances the overall trading experience for token holders. The commitment to maintaining liquidity safeguards against potential market volatility, enabling users to transact with confidence and liquidity providers to support a healthy trading ecosystem.


1 Trillion Supply

70% Liquidity

30% CEX Listing

Buy Tax 6%

Sell Tax 6 %

5% Marketing

1% Liquidity

Road Map

  • PHASE 1

    - Web Development and Launch
    - Fair Launch and Listing on Pancakeswap
    - Marketing Campaign
    - Ignite Tabaluga's Memetic Power: Let's Make #Tabaluga Trend on Twitter

    PHASE 2

    - CG/CMC Listings
    - More DEX Listing
    - More CEX Listing
    - 1000++ Holders
    - Even shill for community and more

    PHASE 3

    - Tier 1 Exchange Listings
    - Huge Partner
    - 10.000++ Holder
    - Enjoying Tea on the Moon
    - Much More TBA

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